Difficult Process Service

Difficult Process Service

Difficult Process Service

Do you have a difficult process service?

Hawkins Investigations & Adjusting specializes in difficult process service.

An attorney service can be effective in simple matters; however, if you have a case in which the defendant or witness is avoiding service, you need the experience of a private detective.

Our private investigators research home and work addresses for the subject.  Next, we identify vehicles to determine where the subject actually is living and working.  Tactics can include surveillance of a subject coming or going from home and work.  Then in other instances we devise very creative ruses to lure the subject out in the open.

Our private investigators will get your papers served!

Difficult Process Service is our specialty!

Service of Process defined:

“Notifying a person that he or she has been named as a party to a lawsuit or has been accused of some offense. Process consists of a summons, citation or warrant, to which a copy of the complaint is attached. Subpoenas are court orders which, if properly served, compel the attendance of the witness in court.

The act of providing an opposing party with notice of a pleading or action to assure that the opposing party is aware of the action and is given an opportunity to appear.”

Our Specialty is difficult process service!

All process servers are not alike.

Hawkins Investigations & Adjusting treats every client as an individual and we handle their specific needs and concerns.  Our investigators have experience in law enforcement, investigations, research and civil procedures. Hawkins Investigations & Adjusting can assist you on your document needs.  Choose Hawkins Investigations to be your difficult process server.

Our Specialty is difficult process service!

Call us for all of your process service needs!


We get papers served!

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Attorney and Paralegal Services

Attorney and Paralegal Services

Attorney and Paralegal Services
Our Attorney and Paralegal Services are provided to make your job easier. 
  • Do you have papers to be served
  • Have someone avoiding process service?
  • Need to locate a witness?
  • Need someone to pick papers up from your office and file them at the courthouse in Dorchester, Charleston, or Berkeley County?
  • We will go to any courthouse in the state of South Carolina.  (Nationwide services are also available.)
Hawkins Investigations prides itself on the work the investigators and process servers conduct for attorneys. We will work closely with attorneys and paralegals to provide the investigative assistance you require.

Hawkins Investigations does the research and due diligence for you.  We will:

  • conduct interviews
  • locate witnesses
  • take sworn statements
  • conduct surveillances, and
  • photograph accident scenes.

All domestic cases are unique.

Domestic investigations are based on the individual needs of the client and the attorney.

Attorney and Paralegal Services:

Taking statements is a unique skill.  Our investigators have the ability to document statements through written, video and/or audio recording for all legal proceedings.

Legal Testimony:    Legal testimony to support documented information is essential when hiring a private investigator.  Our private investigators are fully prepared to testify at all legal proceedings.

Liability Investigations:    These investigations are typically related to automobile accidents and motorcycle accidents.  They are also medical malpractice, product liability, falling objects, and slip and fall.  All findings are documented in a court worthy report.

Designed to provide details at the accident scene.  The process will provide information and photographs from the scene through the development of witnesses, terrain, and other scene conditions.

The next time you need professional legal assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to serve you!

We provide a variety of services to support you and your clients.

24 hour customer service
Flexible schedule

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