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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a private investigator do?

We gather facts and evidence to be provided to the client to confirm suspicions of suspected adultery.

What is domestic surveillance?

Surveillance (electronic or physical) of a subject suspected of committing adultery.

I feel embarrassed about even talking to someone about this.

You have no reason to feel embarrassed. We are professionals and will treat every client with respect.

Do all infidelity cases end in divorce?

Most do, but some couples are able to reconcile.

Why do I need to hire a private investigator instead of doing it myself or asking a friend to help?

You need a third party independent witness that has no interest or bias in your case to testify as to the facts. We have no dog in this fight.

Do you testify in court?

Yes. We present sworn affidavits and testify in court if necessary.

What if I am wrong?

You have peace of mind that your suspicions were unfounded.

Is my information kept confidential?

Absolutely. If we were not confidential, we would not have been able to stay in business 22 years.

How long have you been a private investigator (P.I.)?

My experience includes 12 years of law enforcement and 22 years in the private sector.

How will you contact me without tipping off my spouse?

You calling me from a "safe" phone/computer or through a relative or trustworthy friend.

I previously confronted my partner and accused them or told them I believe they may be cheating. Can you still handle the investigation and surveillance?

Yes. It may make it more difficult, but we adapt.

Why should I use Hawkins Investigations & Adjusting?

Our integrity, perseverance and commitment to client services.

How much will the investigation cost?

Unknown, every case is different. It depends on the amount of time it takes to collect and obtain the evidence needed .

Can you guarantee the results?

No. We're dealing with human nature and it depends on what the subject is or in not involved in.

What if you lose the person you are following while on surveillance?

The main object is to not get "burnt". If we lose the subject, we attempt all avenues to locate them. If not, we continue at the next sure opportunity.